Throughout the construction of your home, excavation equipment is very useful. Crease Construction has a strong relationship with a very competitive excavation company with access to a wide variety of machinery. There when it is needed at prices that make sense.

Footings / Foundation

Everything you add to a home after its foundation will only be as strong and secure as the foundation itself. Jay knows concrete. With decades of experience in commercial construction including high-rise management, your foundation will be strong and durable.

Concreate Other

There is more than one type of concrete. Some is reenforced with steel like floors and footings, and some is embedded with fiberglass such as custom countertops. Knowing what is available allows for creativity, and proper use of different materials makes it structurally sound.


Framing Construction Services Quality

Carpentry / framing is Jay Creases area of expertise. Choice of material, building to better than code, and working efficiently sets Crease Construction apart from average carpentry. Making up the bones of your home, a well framed house makes all the other parts go together better.


Proper insulation is essential to making your home comfortable. Although hidden from view, corners are never cut, and every aspect of your home’s insulation is triple checked before it is closed in. Following Ontario Building Codes for insulation ensures your HVAC isn’t overtaxed.

Window & Door

Window and Door Construction Services Quality

Correctly installed windows and doors are essential for them to last and function well. Crease Construction secures, squares, and insulates windows and doors to perfection. Many are surprised how much warmer it is in winter with new windows and doors.

Electrical / Plumbing / HVAC

Having a good relationship with all the skilled trades is very important to get a large project started and finished on time. Crease Construction uses only the best Electricians, Plumbers, and HVAC Technicians. Always inspected and registered.


Drywall Construction Services Quality

Jay Crease (owner / operator) got started in the construction industry as a drywall specialist. On most of his projects he does the drywall (boarding & taping) himself. You can be confident that drywall will be perfect on any project Crease Construction is involved with!

Trim Carpentry

Trim Carrpentry Construction Services Quality

Trim is one of the last stages of construction and a very visible part of your home. It must be done right because any defect will be something you notice every time you walk in the room. Don’t be disappointed, get the guy with the eye for detail. Jay has done cabinetry and is an excellent trim carpenter.


A skilled painter can make a huge difference in the overall quality of the finished product. Painting is a trade that takes years to master. A good painter also knows a great deal about different products available and what is right for different situations. I.E. Epoxy paint can be used to finish garage floors, they look great!


Crease Construction offers floor installation of all kinds including wood, engineered laminate, tile, and carpet. In recent years there has thousands of new flooring options made available. jay can steer you towards the best flooring options for your situation. Crease Construction does beautiful floors, check our reviews.


Steel roofing can last 50+ years and asphalt shingles up to 25 years, especially if the roof is framed well and the attic insulation and roof vents are done properly. Crease Construction only uses the best roofers and has a keen eye for finishing the roof properly. In fact, everything under it is only as good as the roof protecting your home.


Landscaping Construction Services Quality

Crease Construction has access to several heavy machines and skilled operators to finish your landscaping quickly and expertly. Together we work with you to get a design in place so that your home is finished as well outside as in. Visit Jays friends at Mersy Brotherss Excavation Inc.

All Construction Services Are Known for Quality

Whether they are done personally or arranged by Jay Crease (Crease Construction) all our construction services are known by many as the highest quality work. As a residential and commercial construction contractor with decades of experience, Jay doesn’t miss anything that has his name on it. If something isn’t right, there is no question it will be made right. The company stands on a reputation of integrity and transparent business practices. All Crease Construction services provide building permits where needed, comply with government safety requirements, and are inspected without exception. All of which is there to protect you the client. Get a quote today.

Jon Crummer
Jon Crummer
Fantastic contractor and very fair with prices. Helped build our dream home and couldn't be happier. Highly recommend!
Paco Candela
Paco Candela
Extremely helpful. California ceiling turned out great.
Stephanie Schultz
Stephanie Schultz
I’m INCREDIBLY happy we met Jay! He’s an absolute dream to work with! Our extensive renovation (of almost every inch of our century home) was really stress-free because Jay helped with everything. He framed, dry walled, removed a huge load baring wall, installed beams, built coffered ceilings, installed engineered hardwood flooring (on our VERY uneven floors) and all new trim, hung all new doors, built out a huge pantry, doggy tub, custom shower, in-floor heating, brand new stairs, skimmed our old uneven walls and removed the popcorn ceiling upstairs and primed everything. You NEED to let him quote your job before you choose a contractor!! I recommend him to anyone renovating :)
Scott Merswolke
Scott Merswolke